Information Technology, Telecommunications Industry Trade Fairs in Europe

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20171017 October October IT & Business
17.Oct - 19.Oct, 2017, Stuttgart, Germany
IT & Business
Trade Fair for Software, Infrastructure and IT-Services
20171018 October October .NET Developer Days
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2017, Warsaw, Poland
.NET Developer Days
Application Development on the .NET Platform
20171019 October October Feel the Future
19.Oct - 21.Oct, 2017, Celje, Slovenia
Feel the Future
Trade Fair for Innovative Digital Solutions
20171024 October October Broadband
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2017, Berlin, Germany
World Forum Europe
20171024 October October Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo Europe
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2017, Bremen, Germany
Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo Europe
Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo Europe
20171024 October October Smau
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2017, Milan, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Information and Communications Technology
20171025 October October Automation
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia
Automation / Автоматизация
Integrated Automation of Industry, Power Engineering and Transport Enterprises
20171025 October October eShow Madrid
25.Oct - 26.Oct, 2017, Madrid, Spain
eShow Madrid
Professional Show of E-Commerce, Marketing Online, Cloud and Hosting, Social Media, Digital Signage and Mobile
20171025 October October Simo Educación
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2017, Madrid, Spain
Simo Educación
Learning Technology Exhibition
20171106 November November Web Summit
06.Nov - 09.Nov, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal
Web Summit
Europe's Largest Technology Marketplace
20171109 November November Riga Comm
09.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017, Riga, Latvia
Riga Comm
Int'l Information and Communication Technology Show, Conference and Forum
20171114 November November Infostrada
14.Nov - 16.Nov, 2017, Lublin, Poland
Broadband Technology Exhibition
20171122 November November All-Over-IP
22.Nov - 24.Nov, 2017, Moscow, Russia
Int'l Forum and Networking Event in Russia for IT, Security and Telecom Professionals
20171123 November November Hobby & Elektronik
23.Nov - 26.Nov, 2017, Stuttgart, Germany
Hobby & Elektronik
South Germany's large exhibition for computers and electronics
20171128 November November Trustech
28.Nov - 30.Nov, 2017, Cannes, France
Solutions for Payment, Identification and Mobility
20171129 November November ad:tech London
29.Nov - 30.Nov, 2017, London, United Kingdom
ad:tech London
The Event for Digital Marketing
20171213 December December ICT Winterfair
13.Dec - 13.Dec, 2017, Maarssen, Netherlands
ICT Winterfair
The Nicest ICT Event of the Year
20171214 December December Smau Napoli
14.Dec - 15.Dec, 2017, Naples, Italy
Smau Napoli
Int'l Exhibition of Information and Communications Technology
20180130 January January Ecommerce Expo Prague
30.Jan - 30.Jan, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
Ecommerce Expo Prague
Trade Fair of Technology, Marketing Tools and Agencies, that Will Help You Grow Your Online Store
20180130 January February CSTB
30.Jan - 01.Feb, 2018, Moscow, Russia
Cable & Satellite, TV & Radio Broadcasting, Broadband
20180208 February February Data Centre Summit
08.Feb - 08.Feb, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Data Centre Summit
Regional Conference and Exhibition for Data Centre Professionals
20180215 February February Informative Environment & Educational Technologies
15.Feb - 17.Feb, 2018, Minsk, Belarus
Informative Environment & Educational Technologies
Informative Environment and Educational Technologies
20180215 February February E-commerce Berlin Expo
15.Feb - 15.Feb, 2018, Berlin, Germany
E-commerce Berlin Expo
E-commerce Berlin Expo
20180226 February March Mobile World Congress
26.Feb - 01.Mar, 2018, Barcelona, Spain
Mobile World Congress
Mobile Communications Conference and Exhibition
20180227 February March EuroCIS
27.Feb - 01.Mar, 2018, Dusseldorf, Germany
Europe's leading Trade Fair for IT and Security in Retail
20180227 February March embedded world
27.Feb - 01.Mar, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
embedded world
20180306 March March Internet World
06.Mar - 07.Mar, 2018, Munich, Germany
Internet World
The E-Commerce Trade Show
20180314 March March easyFairs Ecommerce + Shop Tech
14.Mar - 15.Mar, 2018, Helsinki, Finland
easyFairs Ecommerce + Shop Tech
E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Retail
20180321 March March Embedded Systems
21.Mar - 22.Mar, 2018, Paris, France
Embedded Systems
Trade Show for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
20180409 April April Miptv
09.Apr - 12.Apr, 2018, Cannes, France
The world's audiovisual and digital content market
20180417 April April conhIT
17.Apr - 19.Apr, 2018, Berlin, Germany
Connecting Healthcare IT
20180418 April April easyFairs Ecommerce + Shop Tech
18.Apr - 19.Apr, 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
easyFairs Ecommerce + Shop Tech
Trade Fair for Physical and Digital Trade
20180423 April April Digital Factory / Hannover Messe
23.Apr - 27.Apr, 2018, Hanover, Germany
Digital Factory / Hannover Messe
Leading Trade Fair for Integrated Processes and IT Solutions
20180424 April April Navitech
24.Apr - 27.Apr, 2018, Moscow, Russia
Int'l Exhibition for Navigation Systems, Technologies and Services
20180424 April April Sviaz
24.Apr - 27.Apr, 2018, Moscow, Russia
Sviaz / Связь
Int'l Telecommunications, Computer and Office Automation Exhibition and Conference
20180424 April April Vitalis
24.Apr - 26.Apr, 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden
Exhibition and Conference on IT Solutions for the Health, Care and Welfare Sectors
20180425 April April Webshop Vakbeurs
25.Apr - 26.Apr, 2018, Mechelen, Belgium
Webshop Vakbeurs
E-Commerce Exhibition
20180508 May May ITTF
08.May - 10.May, 2018, Prishtine, Kosovo
Information Technology Trade Fair
20180515 May May TIBO
15.May - 18.May, 2018, Minsk, Belarus
Int'l Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies
20180515 May May ICT Spring
15.May - 16.May, 2018, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
ICT Spring
ICT Spring
20180515 May May UK e-Health Week
15.May - 16.May, 2018, London, United Kingdom
UK e-Health Week
Healthcare Informatics Expo
20180601 June June HAM Radio
01.Jun - 03.Jun, 2018, Friedrichshafen, Germany
HAM Radio
Int'l Exhibition for Radio Amateurs with HAMtronic - Electronics, Internet, Computer
20180605 June June Infosecurity Europe
05.Jun - 07.Jun, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Infosecurity Europe
Information Security Event
20180611 June June CeBIT
11.Jun - 15.Jun, 2018, Hanover, Germany
The world's No. 1 marketplace for digital business
20180626 June June Sensor+Test
26.Jun - 28.Jun, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for Sensorics, Measuring and Testing Technologies with Concurrent Conferences
20180828 August August Topsoft
28.Aug - 29.Aug, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland
Trade Fair for Business Software
20180831 August September IFA
31.Aug - 05.Sep, 2018, Berlin, Germany
The leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances
20181011 October October Riga Comm
11.Oct - 12.Oct, 2018, Riga, Latvia
Riga Comm
Int'l Information and Communication Technology Show, Conference and Forum
20181011 October October itCom
11.Oct - 13.Oct, 2018, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Telecommunications and Transmission Media, Computers, IT
20181018 October October Viscom
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2018, Milan, Italy
Int'l Trade Fair and Conference on Visual Communication and Event Services
20181018 October October Feel the Future
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2018, Celje, Slovenia
Feel the Future
Trade Fair for Innovative Digital Solutions
20181023 October October Smau
23.Oct - 25.Oct, 2018, Milan, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Information and Communications Technology
20181024 October October Simo Educación
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2018, Madrid, Spain
Simo Educación
Learning Technology Exhibition
20181106 November November Vision
06.Nov - 08.Nov, 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
Int'l trade fair for machine vision and identification technologies
20181113 November November Matelec
13.Nov - 16.Nov, 2018, Madrid, Spain
Int'l Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Equipment