Trade Fairs in St. Gallen, Switzerland

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date title
20171012 October October OLMA
12.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Swiss Agricultural and Dairy-Farming Fair
20171029 October October Oldtimermesse St. Gallen
29.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Oldtimermesse St. Gallen
Classic Car Show
20171104 November November Fest- und Hochzeitsmesse
04.Nov - 05.Nov, 2017, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Fest- und Hochzeitsmesse
Int'l fair for weddings, festivities and event marketing
20171117 November November AutoMobil
17.Nov - 19.Nov, 2017, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Trade Fair for Mobility (Eastern Switzerland)
20180119 January January OCA
19.Jan - 21.Jan, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Camping and Leisure Exposition
20180119 January January Grenzenlos
19.Jan - 21.Jan, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Experience and Information Fair for Holiday and Travel
20180222 February February Tier & Technik
22.Feb - 25.Feb, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Tier & Technik
Tier and Technik
20180302 March March St. Galler Brocante
02.Mar - 04.Mar, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
St. Galler Brocante
Trade Fair for Antiques and Rarities
20180316 March March Immo-Messe Schweiz
16.Mar - 18.Mar, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Immo-Messe Schweiz
Real Estate Fair, Energy, Construction, Renovation, Environment, Buying and Renting
20180411 April April OFFA
11.Apr - 15.Apr, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Spring and Leisure Fair of Eastern Switzerland
20180531 May June Energie-Tage St.Gallen
31.May - 01.Jun, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Energie-Tage St.Gallen
Congress and Exhibiton for Sustainable Production and Use of Energy
20180830 August September OBA
30.Aug - 02.Sep, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
OBA / Ostschweizer Bildungs-Ausstellung
Eastern Switzerland's Education Exhibition